About Hisensitives

HiSensitives has one mission:

HiSensitives is a personal growth resource for highly sensitive people and empaths. Being highly sensitive and/or empathic in this crazy-busy world can be a true challenge. Therefore, we created a place that hands you effective personal growth tools and connects you with the right people, in order to thrive in life!

  1. On our blog, we regularly share personal growth articles, methods and tools with you, which you can apply to your daily life.
  2. We offer two Facebook-groups, where you can connect with likeminded people;
    1. HiSensitives Tribe: Here you can connect with other HSP's in a friendly and casual way. It is a talk-group, where you also can chat about topics that aren't related to personal growth.
    2. Thrive together - Personal Growth for HSP's and Empaths: In this group, we regularly share personal growth challenges, which you can participate in. Also, you can share your progress with the other members and support each other's personal growth.
  3. On our Instagram- and Facebook-page, you can find inspiring personal growth stories from other highly sensitive people and empaths. Also, you'll stay up to date on our newest blog posts! 

We hope that we contribute to you living a happier and more peaceful life. It is possible! With the right tools and knowledge, you can enjoy a life filled with happiness, purpose and joy!


About the founders

HiSensitives is a brand created by Anne-Kathrin Walter and Riny van Tiggelen. The couple, who has been together since 2014, has a shared love for media and developing interesting media concepts. As a result, they bundled their powers to create the brand HiSensitives.

Anne-Kathrin Walter

Anne-Kathrin, who is a highly sensitive person herself, is a personal growth- and spirit junkie who loves to write, be creative and connect with other highly sensitive people. When she designed a symbol for highly sensitive people, which in first instance only was meant as a tattoo design for herself, the idea to create a brand for highly sensitive people arose in her. Hence, HiSensitives!

Besides blogging and creating social media content for HiSensitives, Anne-Kathrin has written multiple guest blogs and appeared on the Unapologetically Sensitive-podcast. By connecting with other highly sensitive people and empaths worldwide, she feels more inspired and empowered than ever before and she hopes that she can have the same effect on others.

Riny van Tiggelen

HiSensitives wouldn't be possible without the amazing technical support from founder Riny van Tiggelen. As a web developer, he is the code-magician behind HiSensitives, realizing all the wonderful functionalities which ensure that this page is running smoothly. He might not be that visible to most of our followers, as he is an introvert who prefers to stay low-key, but he is a key asset for HiSensitives to exist.