About Hisensitives

Our mission

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

These wise words by Nathaniel Branden inspired our mission for creating this blog; to increase awareness about highly sensitive people.

Since Dr. Elaine N. Aron first introduced the term ‘Highly sensitive person’ in 1996, an increasing amount of people have identified with the trait. According to Dr. Aron, approximately 15 to 20% of the world population are highly sensitive! Nevertheless, there still appears to be a lack of awareness in relation to the trait in the public. Some highly sensitive people might not even know that they are highly sensitive yet! It is our aim to change this.

By sharing articles, images, videos and other information about the trait on this blog and on our social media accounts, we desire to generate more awareness (and ultimately acceptance) around the term that Dr. Elaine Aron introduced 22 years ago. We dream of a world where people acknowledge and accept highly sensitive people for who they are and embrace their many qualities.

In addition, we aim to be a source of information. There are many amazing resources available to highly sensitive persons, and we want to share them here. Hisensitives believes that it is important to show highly sensitive people all the resources available to them on one platform. 

In this way, we hope to increase highly sensitive people’s quality of life. We regard information as a key to development, and we therefore aspire to support highly sensitive people in their self-development process by providing this information on our platform.

Our values

  • Connection - We want to connect highly sensitive persons worldwide
  • Community - We want to strengthen the sense of community amongst highly sensitive people.
  • Integrity - We are reliable, honest, modest and care about stewardship.
  • Enthusiasm - With our humor, energy, curiosity and attitude, we aim to inspire highly sensitive people and those who want to know more about the trait.
  • Service - By being helpful, compassionate and renewing, we aim to help other highly sensitive people to reach their utmost potential.

About the author

Hi, my name is Anne-Kathrin Walter and I am highly sensitive. Together with my boyfriend Riny van Tiggelen, I initiated the brand HiSensitives. Here is my story:

For 22 years, I thought I was weird and a freak. My confidence was non-existing. I lived in a continuous state of overwhelm and was feeling like I didn't belong somewhere. When I looked around me, I felt different, as if there was noone like me out there who understood how I felt. It was very lonely. So lonely, that I eventually ended up in therapy.  There, I opened up for the first time. My traumas, wounds, pain, suffering and deepest thoughts surfaced. Eventually, my therapist suggested that I might be a highly sensitive person.

Never before had I heard about this term. However, when I looked it up, a whole new world opened up to me. Finally, I did not feel alone anymore. There were others like me out there! Knowing about my trait enabled me to understand myself, to set boundaries and protect them, to create a life that fits my needs and to know what makes me happy and what doesn't. Finally, I was able to love myself with all my strengths and flaws. In the 4 years that followed, I learned more about highly sensitive people, coping techniques and spirituality. These things supported my personal growth, but it wasn't until my house almost burned down and we were on the verge of losing everything, that I realized how important time is.

All my life, I planned ahead, but rarely I dared to execute those plans. "The situation has to be perfect", was a limiting belief that kept me from chasing my dreams. That fire made me realize that the so-called "perfect situation" could be gone within 4 minutes. That fire transformed my mindset. While learning about the fact that I am highly sensitive helped me to heal and to cope, that fire lit a flaming desire within me to chase my dreams, however big they are, NOW! So I did:

My intuition has been telling me for years to do something for the highly sensitive people-community. This was and is my purpose. After the fire, I set dreams into clear actions and created the brand HiSensitives together with my boyfriend Riny. With HiSensitives, we want to increase awareness and acceptance of the trait.  We want sensitive souls to learn about their trait as early as possible, so that they don't wander around feeling weird about themselves, like I did. We want the somewhat less sensitive people to see sensitivity as a strength and to be more accepting of it. But most important of all, we want to give. 

Give highly sensitive people connection with each other. 
Give information. 
Give tools to not only cope, but to thrive in life. 
Give highly sensitive people something to hold onto when they are in that place where I was for 22 years.

Giving is our purpose and we hope that the things we give will inspire highly sensitive people to reach their utmost potential."

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