5 Tips On How To Create A Solid Personal Growth Plan


Do you want to truly invest in your personal growth and become a happier and more balanced person? Start with a personal growth plan!

We highly sensitive, empathetic people have some incredible gifts. The ability to assess the emotional and spiritual health of another is of great benefit to others, particularly if we are knowledgeable about how to help them.

With every gift we have, however, there comes a drawback. We understand like no other the effect of toxic feelings and emotions on the human body.

As we inadvertently soak up the energies around us, we become acutely aware of how our own batteries are drained, and if we don't have the tools to protect and cushion ourselves against the harshness of life, we will be left empty ourselves and useless to others.

Unique challenges to empaths and highly sensitive people

These are our daily challenges, this is why it is important to commit to our own personal growth and development as we seek to help others.

The more we know about our spiritual and emotional gifts, and how to incorporate them into our own personal growth plan, the more effective we will be in changing the energy on the earth at this time.

Here are some of the daily hurdles we face:

Others' emotions can deeply affect us

You can be having the best day---unexpected blessings from another, a promotion at work, lucky parking spaces when running errands-----and if you get home to find that your partner has suffered losses, then your day is effectively ruined as well.

You feel another's stress and emotions all the way to your bones, and once they have sunk in, they are difficult to cast aside.

You easily tire

This tiredness and fatigue can be emotional, spiritual, even physical, as you seek to manage your own emotions and be a buffer for others as well.

Finding time to rest and recharge throughout the day will be an essential part of your personal growth plan and strategy for a healthier life.

You notice the subtleties

It can be a feeling that you pick up, a subtle expression that for a moment flashes across another face, or even someone's body posture that you observe.

You pick up on what others are feeling, whether they are saying it or not.

Not only do you notice, you tend to take on in an attempt to resolve issues for others.

You put your own personal development aside for the greater good

You have the best intentions for developing a personal growth plan that works for you, yet something always seems to come up that pulls you in the direction of resolving issues for others.

Your plan to improve your life gets continually shoved to the back burner in favor of what seems like the greater good, when in reality it is harming you.

Realize that you must focus on yourself and your own personal growth plan strategies in order to truly be of effective service to others. How on earth do you manage that?

Personal growth plan strategies for lasting success

You can embrace your given gifts and still manage to carve out time for your own personal development.

It will take a bit of balancing, but the following strategies will allow you to craft a personal growth plan that works for you.....and those you seek to serve.

Follow these tips for lasting physical, spiritual, and emotional health:

Personal growth plan strategy #1--Create your vision

What would it take for you to feel truly healthy? How would it look? What would your surroundings look like? Who would you surround yourself with? What does recharge time look like for you? What inspires, motivates, and infuses you with energy?

Answering these questions will help you to craft your vision for what a healthy, forward moving life looks like.

Get out that pen and paper, grab a favorite cup of tea or your preferred lavish coffee, and start writing.

Those who have the courage to write their dreams and goals down on paper will inevitably start to see them take shape.

Personal growth plan strategy #2--Know your strengths and weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and the more we know what those are, the better we are able to craft plans to overcome or to fortify our weaknesses.

Playing upon our strengths to assist in overcoming challenges will leave you with more tools in your belt, more peace in your heart, and improved physical health.

If you need to, make a list of each of these attributes, and make a plan to improve making small changes on a daily basis.

Personal growth plan strategy #3--Listen to your intuition

When crafting your plan, notice what feels right.

Notice any alarm bells going off in your head or your gut.

Let your intuition guide you as you seek to form something that works for you and your family.

The more you can get in tune with yourself and your needs, the more effectively you can give yourself the care and attention that you need to protect your well being.

As you become more grounded and balanced, you'll be of more effective service to others using your natural gifts and abilities.

Personal growth plan strategy #4--Practice the fine art of self care

Not many people understand the need to slough off the energy of the day, or to spend time in quiet solitude and contemplation.

It's hard to justify a Reiki session or a massage therapy appointment when you have a family to raise and bills to pay.

You will become a better person through the fine art of self care, however, and those who watch you will be inspired to love and care for themselves as well.

Take that extra nap, pamper yourself with a manicure, and sit down for an hour with that personal development book you've been wanting to read.

The more you can build yourself up, the more prepared you will be to handle the stresses of life.

Putting time for self care in your personal growth plan is essential; you will only grow to the extent that you feed and care for your body, mind, and soul.

Personal growth plan strategy #5--Relax, reflect, and adjust

With any personal growth plan for development, there will be strategies that prove to be effective and others that fail.

Relax through your failures, reflect on those things that did not serve you, and commit to making it an ongoing, editable document that you can adjust as you go.

As you grow, you will likely not fit into the same "shoes" that fit you just a few years ago; have some grace and compassion with your process, and look at your personal growth plan as a lifetime journey rather than a one-time destination.

Love yourself, love your process

No matter who you are or what your current challenges are, making it a priority to craft a personal growth plan is a signal to the universe that you want to design your best life.

Embrace yourself, love who you are, and work with your unique gifts and burning desires to create the life of your dreams. Go for it!

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