5 meditations that will help you to recharge your energy

Anne-Kathrin Walter
5 meditations that will help you to recharge your energy

When you are exhausted and tired, it can be tough to get things done. Therefore, it is wise to recharge your energy. Try these 5 meditations!

In need of a recharge?

So you are superexhausted?
Feeling the desperate need for some peace and calm?
Struggling to relax although you feel like you could sleep for a million years?

I can relate! As a highly sensitive empath, it is tough out there, right? All the input, stimuli from your environment, the problems everyone is dealing with, the stress at work: it. is. exhausting!

In those times, it is more important than ever for you to recharge, and that is why I share my top 5 meditations to recharge your energy with you today!

What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of observing your thoughts and feelings without judging them. Eventually, this helps you to gain better understanding of yourself. Meditation originates from Hinduism and Buddhism and has grown in popularity worldwide in the last decades. Most likely, people seek for a way to recharge and remain calm in this oh-so-busy society. I know I do! Ever since I started meditating, I feel more connected to my higher self and more collected. Moreover, it helped me to cope with tough times in life and to recharge my energy. 

The benefits of meditating

Besides that, meditation offers multiple other health benefits such as:

  • Lower blood pressure and improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Less anxiety
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Less stress
  • Deeper relaxation

As you can see, the facts speak for themselves. So if you were doubting on whether you should start to meditate, why don't you just give it a try with one of the 5 meditations below?

1. Grounding meditation

One of the first things that I do when I feel supertired, is to ground myself. According to Kimberly Snyder from Well+Good, our bodies create their own electricity and are made up of positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons and neutrally charged neutrons. Apparantly, the newest technology is able to throw this electrical energy off. In addition, the continual exposure to technology's electromagnetic fields might result in free radicals (unpaired positive ions) building up in our bodies. Those radicals have been connected to premature aging, inflammation and disease. However, you can minimize this through the art of grounding. When you make contact with earth, negative ions from the surface enter your body and release those radicals. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get rid of those radicals! It is not hard to ground yourself, and this meditation might help you with it:

2. Cut the cord meditation

According to Sarah Hall, cords are attachment to other energies than yours. These can be energies from other people, situations or past abusive relationships. Eventually, these energies might 'eat' your energy and cause you to feel this exhausted. Especially for empaths who are prone to picking up on signals easily, it is important to release these energies. After I was aware of this and cut the cord with those energies, I felt so much better and relieved! I hope that you feel the same with this meditation:

3. Protect yourself from negative energy

After releasing negative energies, it is important to protect your energy field from new energies entering it unwelcomed. You want to go into the world feeling safe and protected, without the fear of constantly becoming exhausted from it. Therefore, I can highly recommend you to try this meditation from New Horizon. I tried this meditation during tough times & conflicts and it has helped me tremendously in protecting my energy:

4. Release tension and recharge

After doing these spiritual meditations, you may also want to release some tension. Unconsciously, tension builds up in our bodies when we experience stress. For example, signals such as a clenched jaw, tight shoulders and a general feeling of tight muscles indicate that you have been saving up on tension. Time to release this! In fact, this meditation can help you with releasing tension and recharging your energy:

5. Love yourself

One of the best ways to maintain this energized, is to love yourself. Unfortunately, most of us aren't programmed to see self-love as a natural thing. Therefore, we have to learn how to love ourselves. Positive affirmations, self-care and building up your self-esteem are ways to higher your vibration and build a strong energy shield. Finish your recharging-retreat with this meditation and you will be good to go:

Good luck with recharging!

I hope that these meditations will help you as much as they helped me! If you set aside enough time to do all five of them, I am sure they will be of great benefit for you! If you are looking for a quick way to release stress, you might also try this meditation.

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